The project has ended but continues. Article published!

It’s been a long time since I posted something here and the project has officially ended in the meantime. That the project has¬†finished means that I no longer get paid for doing this research, but the work continues nonetheless as there is¬†still a lot of potential left in this project. There are papers to be written, a conference proceedings which is planned published by the beginning of next year, and there is a museum exhibition opening¬†during the last weekend of September at Bryggens museum. I will get back to most of this in later posts and concentrate on two things now.

Firstly, on the same day as the project ended I gave a presentation at the Christie Conference in Grieghallen in Bergen. Being invited to speak at this conference was an honour and an excellent way of ending the project. My talk was well received and if you’re interested, you can watch it here (it’s in Norwegian). A couple of days before the conference I had an article published in Aftenposten covering much the same¬†as the conference speech. You’ll find this newspaper article her (also in Norwegian).

Secondly, the first major scientific¬†article from this project¬†has finally been published and it deals with the results of the stable oxygen isotope investigation of the skeletons in Trondheim.¬†It’s been published in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, and it’s been published “open access” so everybody can read if free of charge, if¬†they wish to do so. You’ll find the article here.


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Immigration and mobility in mediaeval and post-mediaeval Norway
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