New book series about Scandinavian archaeology

De Gruyter Open publishers have decided to start a new book series about Scandinavian archaeology and I have accepted to be the series editor, so I will use this blog post to promote this new venture.


As the title suggests, the book series will be about Scandinavian archaeology and this is the only criteria you be aware of if you would like to have a book published in this series. All types of books will be considered for publication: monographs, edited volumes, conference proceedings etc. Topics may range from stone age archaeology to forensic archaeology to theoretical and/or methodological books. As long as the topic has a connection to Scandinavia, the book will be considered for publication.


Before you stop reading, I should mention that the first three books in this series will be published free of charge (more information below).


The book series will be published as “open access” and here are¬†some of the advantages with using this publishing model:

“As a publishing model, Open Access enables your research to reach the widest possible audience. It also allows you to share the results with the global scholarly community. So far, Open Access has been successfully used for journals and now we seek to apply it to monographs. Not only has research refuted the assumption that Open Access jeopardizes print sales, it has in fact shown that the publishing model can significantly increase them. Electronic Publishing also offers many additional features that are not available in traditional formats, such as reference linking, full-text search etc. As the cost of handling Open Access publishing is lower, one can afford publishing very specialized books, which otherwise, due to their small potential audience, might not have been accepted for print by traditional academic publishers.” (text taken from the publisher’s website)

For answers to many other questions regarding “open access” publishing, go to¬†the FAQ¬†website.

What do you get if you decide to publish in this series? 

  • rigorous and comprehensive peer-review of submitted proposals and manuscripts
  • English language copy-editing by native English speaking specialists in the field
  • professional composition of the manuscript in PDF format
  • hosting the book on a sophisticated platform, which offers many functionalities, e.g. active links in references
  • printed copies sold to libraries and individuals, by De Gruyter Open and distributors (e.g. Amazon)
  • complimentary printed copies for book author and editors
  • royalties for the author from print copy sales
  • indexing by Google and other search engines
  • e-book delivery to libraries and full-text repositories (e.g. Google Book Search)
  • Creative Commons copyright license


Publication charges, waiver policy and funding

De Gruyter Open applies the author-pays model to support publication costs, and charges a flat fee of 10,000 euros for any monograph, textbook, edited volume or reference work published. In order to help authors De Gruyter Open has introduced a waiver and discount policy. For information on whether you are eligible, please contact the managing editor in your discipline. For archaeology this is Katarzyna Michalak and she can be reached on the following e-mail address:


Extensive and constantly updated information about available funding for open access publications can be found here: Funding for authors


However, the first three books in this series will be published free of charge, so if you have written a book, just about to finish a book, or have arranged a¬†conference and would like to have the proceedings published, this might be just the opportunity you are looking for. Be among the first three to publish in this series and you don’t have to worry about funding.


You can download a book proposal form here: Book-Proposal-Form


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch:¬† or

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