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Samples have been shipped

Monday, July 8th, 2013

The first samples have been shipped today. One packet containing 10 water samples was sendt to GNS Science in New Zealand and another cardboard box containg 63 bone samples has been shipped to GMI in Innsbruck, Austria. Buccal swabs from the ones who took the bone samples have also been included in the shipment to GMI. This is done to get the DNA from us who worked with the sampling on file, to avoid problems if we contaminated the samples.

DNA prøver1

The containers with the bone samples are on their way to Innsbruck.

Buccal swab

To take a buccal swab you brush the tip of this device on the inside of your cheek and put the felt tip into a vial filled with isopropanol (see picture below).

DNA samples

The vials containg the DNA samples from each of us who did the sampling has been shipped to GMI together with the bone samples.

A short video

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Charles Utvik sendt me this vidoe clip. He did a bit of filming on the last day we worked in Trondheim. We never took the time to film during the skeletal examinations and sampling, but this is a nice clip showing me preparing the samples and equipment for shipping. It also shows the room we worked in, and all the cardboard boxes in the background contain the skeletons.


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