Milestone: the DNA sampling started today

Everybody listening with interest. From left to right: Walther Parson, Jon Anders Risvaag, Leena Airola, Jørgen Fastner and Charles Utvik.

Dr Walther Parson from the GMI (Institut für Gerichtliche Medizin der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck) came to Trondheim today. He had been invited to discuss the practicalities surrounding the DNA sampling, and also to explain the procedures his laboratory follows when doing DNA analyses. The day started with Parson talking about his laboratory, previous projects they have been involved in, the procedures they follow and the security measures they have in place. I think it became clear to everyone present that the GMI operate to the highest possible standard and will satisfy any requirements posed by NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet.

Later we started discussing the actual sampling procedure and how we should document the process. It was decided on the following (see photos below).

Firstly, the bone should be photographed in its original state together with information identifying which individual the bone came from. The bone in the photo is a right femur (thigh bone).

Then a piece of approximately 3cm by 2cm was cut from the shaft of the bone. Charles Utvik did most of the cutting today.

Then the sample was weighed.

At last the bone was photographed again and the sample was put in the little container seen in the photo.

The container with the piece of bone will be sent to the laboratory in Innsbruck and whatever is left when the analyses have been done will be sent back to Trondheim and can be used for different analyses for another project later. For the next couple of days we will continue the DNA sampling.

Me and Walther Parson.

At the end of the day we posed for the camera before Parson left to go back to Austria. I am looking forward to the continued cooperation with Parson and his team at GMI.









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