The research sample is finally decided on



After a¬†few weeks¬†off work with illness followed by two weeks leave in relation to the birth of our latest family member, Vincent, I have spent the first days of this week going through all the archaeological documentation again. Although it is somewhat delayed, I have compiled a detailed¬†list of skeletons I want to include in my final study sample. This was slightly more complicated than anticipated due to the¬†restrictions/requirements I had to abide by.¬†Firstly, due to the research design,¬†all the skeletons had to have both the first and the third molar preserved and there had to be some relatively well preserved bone material as well. This excluded quite a large portion of the material; slightly more than I expected actually. The sample selection was further complicated by instructions from the curating institution requiring that I sample,¬†as far as possible,¬†from the same skeletons which are currently being¬†used by another research project. The reason for this requirement¬†is purely preservational and¬†is perfectly acceptable. I have now finally¬†managed to collate a sample which I¬†believe will fulfil all requirements. The list of the specific skeletons¬†I want access to have been sent to the relevant people and I’m hoping for a¬†positive reply, otherwise it’s back to the drawing board.

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Immigration and mobility in mediaeval and post-mediaeval Norway
Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion, University of Bergen

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